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2014: word and reflection

My word for 2014 was authenticity. (2013 was renew; 2012 was trust; 2011 was perspective; 2010 was beauty, in case you were wondering.)

Authentic: not false; true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character (definition given by Merriam-Webster)

I am a recovering people-pleaser. I struggle with worrying–and caring–about what others think of me. I chose to focus on authenticity this year because I wanted to find freedom. Freedom from the opinions of other people. Freedom from perfection. Freedom from comparison.

Comparing myself to others, worrying about disappointing people, negative self-talk, dwelling on failures, and staying stuck in a place of inadequacy and insignificance… these have all held me back from becoming my best self.

Before I embarked on this journey to finding freedom, I had to put in the work to figure out who I am: what inspires me and makes me come alive. Journaling, reading, and reflecting were powerful tools that helped me learn more about myself and how I’m wired.

I attended the Influence Conference this year, and Whitney English presented me with these words of purpose, hope, and encouragement:

Failure is not about you. You are just a steward. Let it go and let God use it. The authenticity you own about your story will glorify God.

I don’t know about you, but I want to live an authentic life and tell an authentic story. I don’t want to hold back anymore. I don’t want to let fear keep me from glorifying God.

So, after a year of viewing life through the lens of authenticity, I’ve decided to say “goodbye” to a few things as I prepare for 2015.

What I’ve decided to QUIT after this year:

– the comparison game (this is so huge for me)

– believing the lie that I am not enough in God’s eyes

– dwelling on the past

– worrying about the future

Can you relate to my fear of what others think? What is a word that you could use to sum up 2014? What can you quit from 2014 in preparation for a new 2015? I hope you find freedom in 2015.

Stay tuned for my word of 2015…

Love, Ali xo

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  • Courtney Garrison

    I love that you called yourself a RECOVERING people-pleaser! Thank you for being authentic and letting me watch the ways you’ve grown in this area. Thankful for you and the way God uses your story!

    • Ali Wren

      Yes, RECOVERING! Thanks for being a safe person for me, C! So grateful for you!

  • Sweet girl. I remember sitting next to a certain sobbing Ali during Whitney’s session 🙂 so glad God has given you much freedom this year and can’t wait to see how He continues to mold you.

    • Ali Wren

      Yes, I was reflecting on the year and her session notes kept piercing me–in a good way! Thank you for your encouragement, Natasha! Excited to follow along in YOUR journey this year, too! xo

  • What a great word! 🙂 I love it! I am also a recovering people-pleaser. I’m going to work on being authentic this year too. Thanks for sharing!

    • Ali Wren

      Thanks, Brittany! Happy people-pleaser recovery to you this year. 🙂