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5 Take-Aways from Whole30 Before 30

So, whole30 before 30 is complete! I feel pretty proud of myself for sticking with this incredible way of eating and living for 30 days.

Here are my five main tips and take-aways for a successful whole30:

1. Know your why. I think this is the most important step before you decide to embark on this thirty day journey.

2 Eliminate expectations. Don’t compare what you’re going through with other peoples’ experiences. I had a lot of expectations because I heard about how amazing others’ whole30 journeys were, and then I eventually grew disappointed when my expectations weren’t met. Just experience it for yourself and enjoy the journey.

3. Keep a food journal. Journal everything you eat, every meal, every day. Make note of how it made you feel. It gives you an end in sight and perspective throughout the journey.

4. Expect your order to be wrong when you eat out. Have patience and extend grace and kindness to the servers. If you already expect that your order will be wrong, you’ll be able to patiently wait for your correct order (even when others already have their orders).

5. Take things a day or week at a time. Learn week by week, or day by day. You might buy too much, or not enough, produce at first. Maintain a mentality of learning throughout this thirty day experience.

Remember, this is not for the faint of heart.

So now that I am done with whole30,  you might be wondering what comes next? I am not entirely sure, but I do know that one of my WHYs for taking part in whole30 was to get rid of sugar cravings, and it worked! I want to continue to enjoy real and natural sugars from fruits and vegetables. No more stevia, and no more added sugar, even if it is organic cane sugar.

I’d love to help you if you’re on the fence about trying whole30. I’d also love to hear from other whole30 alumni: what were your biggest tips and take-aways?

Regardless of your food journey and lifestyle, I believe in the health and power of whole foods! Here’s to whole-hearted living and healthy-minded eating!

Love, Ali xo

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