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Type Six with Lauren Arnett

Lauren Arnett lives in Atlanta with her high-school sweetheart and husband of 5 years. During the day, she works in finance. Any other time, you can find her having coffee with a close friend, enjoying a delicious meal (that her husband most likely made), or finding new, “hip” spots in Atlanta. She is passionate about […]

Type Six with Kelly Summers

Kelly Summers is a writer and singer in Charlotte, NC working in ministry and trying to cultivate more vulnerability in herself & those around her. Connect with her on Instagram: @kellyysummers. How long have you known about the Enneagram? I’ve known about the Enneagram for a few years. My best friend (who’s a Seven) helped […]

Type Five with Courtney Garrison

Courtney Garrison is a wife, mom, and speech & language pathologist. She is also my dear friend. I call her my “Enneagram best friend” because we always want to talk about it! Now that I know more about Courtney, the Enneagram is teaching me how to be a better friend to her. I am so […]

Type Four with Joy Lane

Joy Lane is an artist, worship leader, and coach. She is passionate about walking alongside women & cultivating growth in their relationship with the Lord. Her degree is in Worship Ministry from Lincoln Christian University. Joy has served in the local church in the areas of youth ministry, worship, & discipleship. Residing in Indy, she […]

Type Four with Autumn Curry

Autumn Curry is a 20-something wife, traveler, and bookworm living in the suburbs of Atlanta. She blogs about her travels, homemaking adventures, and the little things that help her grow as a person. Autumn seeks to encourage people to see their everyday and how it has the potential to help them become their best self. Connect […]

Type Three with Allie Bryant

Allie Bryant is a daughter of Christ, wife, exercise guru, foodie, and wino. She loves anything well-designed. By day, she works on the communications team at Traders Point Christian Church, collaborating with a team of creative people to create visuals and environments that connect people to Jesus. She loves coming alongside creative people to help […]

Type Two with Joy McMillan

Joy McMillan is a speaker, writer, graphic designer, podcaster, artist, and coach. Hailing from Southern Africa, she has a burning passion to see women wake up to their purpose and step out boldly into their unique circles of influence. Little delights her more than seeing women break free from the shackles of fear and shame, […]

Type Two with Holli DeWaard

Holli DeWaard is a graphic designer, pastor’s wife, and mom to three little cuties. She’s also my hometown friend of many years. She’s a great listener and encourager, and very in tune to how others are feeling. Holli is the first person to say: “Are you okay?” and she can sense the mood of any group […]

Type Two with Steph Riebe

Steph Riebe serves in full time ministry in a local UMC church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She spent ten years serving in full time youth ministry before getting her Masters in Family Ministry from Wesley Seminary last spring. The great loves of her life are the TV series Friday Night Lights, her 3 year old […]

Type One with Hayden Barnack

For the next couple weeks, I will share insights from women representing all nine types! They will answer a series of questions about their specific Enneagram journey. First up: Hayden Barnack. Hayden Barnack is a 20-something newlywed and marketing professional, working and living in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. You can usually find her curled […]