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Enneagram Final Thoughts

The goal of understanding our number is to develop self-knowledge and learn how to recognize and relax our grip on the reflexive, self-defeating behaviors of our personalities. As we do, we can live more authentically and relate to others in wiser, more loving ways.   —Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile, The Road Back to You […]

The Enneagram and Friendship

The Enneagram is changing my life, and how I view myself and my relationships. I am a type One with strong Nine and Two wings, which (in a nutshell) means that I am a Perfectionist, Peacemaker, and Helper. The perfectionist in me has high expectations for myself and my friendships, and is easily disappointed when […]

Type Nine with Karen Luke

My Aunt Karen joined my online Road Back to You book club in August, and has been learning all about the Enneagram! And she’s been able to get my Uncle Jeff (her husband) and my cousins (her children) excited about it. Aunt Karen is often the one behind the camera at family gatherings–taking the time to notice […]

Type Nine with Faith Raider

Faith Raider lives in Augusta, Georgia with her husband and six kiddos. She is a reader, a writer, a creative coach and (occasionally) a photographer. You can connect with her most days on Instagram and you might bump into her once in awhile on Facebook. She just wrote a book (which is due to be […]

Type Nine with Leslie Houck

Leslie Houck is an average Type Nine, learning how to be a healthy and happy Nine. She is married to an average Three, striving for his healthiest Three self. She loves many things like art, music, yoga, the Alabama Crimson Tide (Roll Tide!) and the outdoors, especially the beach. In typical Nine fashion, she works […]

Type Eight with Anne Wilson

Anne Wilson is a writer who shares about faith, culture, ministry, marriage, and parenthood. She is a wife and mom to two littles, living in Indianapolis. By day, she works as the content director for her church. Connect with Anne on her blog:, Instagram: @annemwilson, and Twitter: @annemwilson. How long have you known about […]

Type Eight with Manda Carpenter

Manda Carpenter is a writer living in Chicago with her husband as they foster parent and love on their community. She believes that there isn’t a single person you would not love if you knew their story. She desires to be transparent because #ImpressingIsExhausting. Connect with her at or on Instagram: @mandacarpenter. How long […]

Type Eight with Maggie Johnson

Maggie is a wife, brand new mom, writer, and social justice junkie. She loves coffee, theology, and carbs. Maggie is also the Director of Young Adult Ministries at Grace Church in Noblesville, Indiana. You can find her on Instagram: @maghjohnson and Twitter: @maghjohnson. Read more of Maggie‘s thoughts at How long have you known about the Enneagram? I was introduced to the […]

Type Eight with Naomi Hattaway

Naomi Hattaway is the founder of I Am A Triangle, an international social network with thousands of global members who share in common a life lived away from their passport countries. IAAT offers in-person gatherings in 70+ international cities and is a one-stop-shop for resources, expert advice, and more. She also owns 8th & Home […]

Type Seven with Sara Sterley

Sara Sterley is a lifelong treehugger who came to understand that local, seasonal, and sustainably-raised food is the surest path toward getting others to care about the environment – because what other choice do we all make at least three times a day? Once she started gardening, she was hooked and became passionate about spreading […]