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The Hardest Part

My friend Malinda is a wife, home-schooling mother, and writer who strives for authentic faith, intentional living and thriving relationships in all she does. She writes about friendship, and my favorite post that strikes a chord in my heart is Deep Friendships Are Hard. Malinda quit her day job a year ago, and her best […]

The Long Haul

I met Lottie online a couple years ago, and then in real life at a conference last year. We were in a blogging mastermind group together–so fun! Lottie is a single girl in her mid-twenties who shares her journey of navigating adulthood and making a difference with her story of health and healing. I’ve always […]

Indiana Blogs Fall Tour Day 4

Anna Scott is an aspiring minimalist and blogger who loves trying out new beauty products and sharing her journey of living with less stuff and more joy. Today on the #IndianaBlogsFallTour, she shares her tips on fall decorating for the aspiring minimalist.  

Indiana Blogs Fall Tour Day 3

For Day 3 of the Indiana Blogs Fall Tour, Krista from Woven & Threaded is sharing her Guide to Ethical Fall Fashion. There are some amazing companies with a mission to help others in need. Check them out!      

Indiana Blogs Fall Tour Day 1

I am so excited to be a part of the Indiana Blogs Fall Tour–five hoosier women, filling the internet with a dose of Autumn each day this week! We will be sharing fall recipes, decor, and fashion. Check back each day to capture all five women. Today’s blogger is Erika of Full & Simple. Erika […]


Let me tell you about my friend, Courtney. Courtney is not only my friend, but my colleague of 5+ years: we’ve been on the same special ed team since 2010. When you work with people over several years, you get to know them in a close and authentic way. You learn what makes them tick, and […]

Artie’s Paleo on the Go!

The dirty little secret of eating clean, paleo, gluten-free, whole30, etc. is something not enough people talk about: food prep. That is to say, the hours upon hours of messy kitchens and meticulous food prep that go into preparing a meal. At the most inconvenient times, nonetheless. Often, the times you are most tempted to […]

My Prayer for All Women

This week I will finish supervising my third consecutive student teacher. Over the last three years, I’ve gotten to know several 22-year olds, and I’ve been thinking a lot about this generation of women. And I’ve been thinking about my role in their lives. I find myself praying for the next generation of women. Crying […]

You are NOT Defined by a Number

The number on the scale. The number in your bank account. The number of instagram followers or facebook likes. The number on your paycheck. The number identifying your age. You are more than a number. Do you believe that? I used to believe my identity was wrapped up solely in a number–the number on the […]

February 2015 Goals

I cannot believe it’s February already. My husband and I have agreed that January is a month to figure out the trajectory for the rest of the year, and in the end, our annual big-picture goals actually reflect the course of 11 months. Who’s with us on that? A quick recap of my January goals: […]