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Celebrate Others

I have a confession: it can be really hard for me to celebrate other women in my life when I feel insecure, threatened, or jealous. But when I surrender my pride and selfishness, it is easier to make a sincere choice to cheer those women on, and genuinely want the best for them.

It’s like strengthening the celebration muscle. The muscle grows stronger the more we work it out, and the more time we spend celebrating others’ accomplishments and appreciating the beauty they bring to this world. 

Three beautiful women who cheer others on so naturally talk about overcoming the comparison trap:

The way I combat the comparison trap is by acting in the opposite spirit. The heart behind comparison is jealousy, usually towards someone else’s success in an area of our passion. So instead of acting out of jealousy, I deliberately celebrate and encourage the success of others. I still struggle sometimes, but this practice has helped me overcome competition and comparison time and time again. – Heather Boersma

Encourage others! When I am bent on praising the good I see and highlighting the uniqueness in others, I am in a better place to see what I also bring to the table. None of us are the same and that is exciting! A heart overflowing with encouragement breeds positivity and confidence! – Elizabeth Mayberry, Oak and Oats

Encouragement and envy cannot coexist – when I feel myself beginning to be held captive to comparison, I intentionally find ways to offer encouragement, because kindness silences competition and promotes collaboration. – Crystal Stine

I feel inspired by Crystal, Elizabeth, and Heather to:

Deliberately celebrate.

Praise the good. 

Silence competition with kindness. 

What inspires you to celebrate others and overcome the comparison trap?

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  • This is such a fun series, Ali! Thanks for inviting me to be part of it 🙂

    • Thank you for contributing, and for celebrating and encouraging others so well, Crystal!

  • This is so great! “Comparison is the thief of joy” — which ties directly to my series. 🙂 But seriously, comparison can be so damaging. Especially creatively. I have to remind myself that creativity is an unlimited resource. There’s plenty of room for all of us! God has created me uniquely, to fill a space that only I can fill. And same for all my other talented friends. No need to compete. Let’s encourage and inspire!

    • Love your series, Ali! Thanks for stopping by. xo

  • Tonya L

    This can be hard for me too. I’ve been working on it. One thing I realized is its easier for me to celebrate others that have been positive & kind towards me. If it’s someone who’s talked behind my back or been rude it’s much more of a struggle.

  • I love this post so much! What an honor to be featured!!

    • Thank you for contributing, and for celebrating others so well, Elizabeth! xo