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Celebration and Sorrow

Crystal Stine is a straight up community builder. She loves connecting people through fitness, faith, and friendship–online and offline. She’s been overseeing Write 31 Days for the last several years, and has brought together thousands of bloggers, encouraging us and leading the way.

I met Crystal last year at a conference, and she is one of the most genuine and kind people I have ever met. For this year’s Write 31 Days challenge, Crystal shares her Journey from Jealousy to Joy, and she’s sharing some powerful words.

What does authentic friendship mean to Crystal?

The friendships I cherish most, the ones I would consider “authentic,” have stood by my side during the seasons of celebration and the seasons of sorrow. They aren’t co-dependent, judgmental, jealous, or opportunistic–they simply love me because of who God made me to be (and they aren’t afraid to remind me of it when I start to stray off that path!).

I love her perspective on seasons of celebration and seasons of sorrow. True friends stand by our side through it all. And they love us for who we are. Period.

Who are those friends in your life? Do you find yourself being that kind of friend?

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