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Confess the Frailty

One of the best and biggest ways I have found to help me overcome comparison is confession. It’s the first step, in my opinion, to overcoming the comparison trap.

The comparison trap is a killer. I limit my time on social media. When I feel comparison creeping in, which is often, I get low. Literally. Like in child’s pose on my carpet when no one is home and just confess the frailty I feel and ask for release. – Rebekah Lyons

After confession comes surrender. There is such freedom in confessing and surrendering our struggle with comparison.

I read Rebekah‘s book Freefall to Fly a few years ago, and this excerpt on surrender is one I frequently revisit:

Surrender changes everything.
But we can’t choose to surrender. It chooses us.
It finds us and meets us in our pain.
When we are at our lowest point. Our weariness. Our longing.
It enters in when we have run out of our own strength.
When we start to believe that things may never actually change.
That our lives don’t really matter . . . and we break.
How could it be?
How could a good God create a life that doesn’t matter?
So we cry out, and we ask for rescue.
Because somewhere deep down we know we are missing it.
Our own attempts have failed us.

This life we have orchestrated falls flat and leaves us lying in a corner,
huddled in despair in those dark hours of the early morning.
Then we see it. The crack of sunrise. Just a glow on the horizon.
Pink and orange starting to rise and create a hue that colors the sky.
It’s God whispering: I am here. I am true. I am strength.
I love you as you are. Broken and fragmented. Let Me carry you.
Let Me show you a life you never dreamed or imagined.
Let Me take you on a journey so marvelous you point back to Me.
Let Me rename you.
Let Me bring you back to your truest self.
The way I ordered you from the beginning.

All this for My glory.

The moment of surrender changes everything. It’s the moment of releasing my grip as I realize I am not enough.

Try confessing your struggle with comparison. Give it a name. Write it down. Tell someone.

Next, surrender that stronghold. Lay it down, and ask God to take it from you. Experience the freedom that comes from surrender, and thank Him for it.

My husband and I try to honor the Sabbath one weekend day each week. For me, staying off social media on our designated Sabbath gives my heart space to breathe, and my mind the capacity to create. Do you honor the Sabbath? It might look different for you, but I think it’s important to give our hearts and minds necessary space and room.

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