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February 2015 Goals

I cannot believe it’s February already. My husband and I have agreed that January is a month to figure out the trajectory for the rest of the year, and in the end, our annual big-picture goals actually reflect the course of 11 months. Who’s with us on that?

A quick recap of my January goals:

1. Read (that means finish) at least two books. Oops. I did not finish two books. I started them, but the struggle is always to finish them.

2. Keep a DAILY gratitude journal. My word of 2015 is gratitude, and I want gratitude to become a way of thinking for me. Yes, I did keep a daily gratitude journal. I forgot to write something down every day, but I caught up the following day. I plan to continue this for the whole year.

3. Exercise 12 times. Yes, and I want to take this to the next level in February.

Onto goals for February…

1. Run 3 times a week and strength train 2 times a week. (a more specific measure of working out 3 times a week)

2. Continue to write in my gratitude journal EVERY DAY.

3. Love my colleagues well. I’m a bit worn out this school year, especially during this time of year. And I don’t want to take that out on my colleagues. One way to specifically love my colleagues well is to write at least 5 anonymous notes of love and encouragement this month.

I will continue to read and reflect on these affirmations every day:

I will seek and express gratitude every day.
When I make a mistake, I will accept God’s forgiveness and grace, and move forward.
I will see the best in my husband.
I will not compare myself to others.

How did your January goals go? And I’d love to hear what your February goals are!

Love, Ali

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  • I love love love the affirmations you read and reflect on every day. I
    have written these on a post it and stuck them on my computer screen! I
    will be doing the same, daily!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Sincerely yours,

    • Ali Wren

      Love it! Thanks for stopping by, Andrea!

  • What a great word for the year. And I love how you’re sticking with it by having a gratitude journal. Great idea! Stopping by from the link up! – Jess

    • Ali Wren

      Thanks, Jess! And thanks for stopping by!

  • “I will see the best in my husband.”
    Yes, and yes!
    This is something I need to work on as well.

    So excited to have found your blog! 🙂

    • Ali Wren

      Yes, it’s so easy to see less than the best in the person closest to us, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by!