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Grace is the voice that calls us to change and gives us the power to pull it off. – Max Lucado

Grace. Something so difficult to define.

In my opinion, Grace is a choice. It is an opportunity that exists every moment of every day in every one of us. When we make a mistake, we have the choice to give ourselves grace. We also have the choice to accept grace. When someone wrongs us, we have the choice to forgive them.

Grace is the difficult, but beautiful, road we travel when we live and love with our whole hearts. Philip Yancey writes that, “Grace is the most perplexing, powerful force in the universe, and, I believe, the only hope for our twisted, violent planet.”

What hope can you provide by making the choice of grace today?

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I'm Ali. I write about my journey of living a full and healthy life with food allergies, overcoming the comparison trap, and cultivating authenticity.

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