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In Real Life: The Influence Conference

I attended my second Influence Conference this past weekend. It was an unforgettable experience–one which I am still unpacking. I met some incredible women, and experienced deep, raw conversations with friends old and new. I kept saying, “I can’t believe we get to meet in real life!”

Key points I never want to forget from this weekend: 

  1. A spiritually-divided heart is easily pushed off-course, concerned for its own well-being. – Hayley Morgan
  2. Sometimes asking for help releases another person from their own perfectionistic prison. – Erin Loechner
  3. Your greatest influence is in real life. – Nancy Ray and Gina Zeidler
  4. By believing the best in every person, the world will call you foolish. But God will call you free. – Alisa Keeton
  5. Be overwhelmed by the God of the universe who created you and wants to use you. – Jess Connolly
  6. God writes everybody’s stories differently. God sees you, even in the unseen moments. – Ruth Simons
  7. Intentional friendship starts out awkward. Let it get awkward. – Kerrie Williams

A few highlights, and many pictures:

Spending quality time with my beautiful roommate, Jenni! We basically read each other’s minds all weekend. And talked about instagram.

My beautiful roommate

Meeting a few members of our Community Group: Karis, Dani, Eryn, and Kyla. 20+ of us have been doing life together online, encouraging one another, praying for each other, and sharing our dreams, goals, and fears. It’s a beautiful community that I’m grateful to be a part of.

Love <3

Lottie, Keri, Keri and I met online at one of Rach‘s Influence Network classes, and created our own Mastermind group. It was surreal to meet them in person.

Meeting Crystal Stine, and fellow 31-Day Writers.

A Gluten-Free / Vegan Cupcake Meet-Up!


These ladies (Alisa, Jess, and Nadine) are ringing their freedom bells, and we’re all cheering one another on in the journey to freedom in emotional, mental, and physical healing.


These women have the most beautiful hearts and encouraging words of wisdom, and it was an honor to spend the weekend with them.




(Kelly and Sheri)


(Angela and Abby)


I wrote this mainly for myself, so I could document the people I met and the main messages of each speaker. There were so many interactions, and I’m sad I did not catch them all in a photo. I can think of many more lovely women I was able to meet this weekend. If that’s you, I hope you know how much I appreciate the chance to see you, hear you, be heard by you, pray with you, and learn from you.

God is good.

We have influence right where we are. If you’re interested in joining The Influence Network, click here.

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  • Loved meeting you sweet Ali and reading through your recap! 🙂

    • I loved meeting YOU, sweet Kyla! XO

  • Cara G. Craver

    Loved reading about your experience!!!!

  • Lottie

    GIRL. You are the sweetest and I’m SO glad we got to meet in person finally. “You’re much different that what I pictured in my mind” haha 🙂

    • You are the sweetest! (Sorry about the dinner fiascos both nights.) It was SO great meeting you! XO

  • It was SO good to meet you in person! I cannot believe it has already been a week since the start of the weekend. I really had such a great time and was challenged so much.

    • I miss it so much! I LOVED meeting you and hanging out. Highlight of the year! XO

  • dani

    ALI!!!!! I’m almost in happy tears lol!!! This was sooo great!!! I loved this and I am soooo happy we got to meet one another and hang out during the conference!! I just love this recap so much. I’m smiling so hard right now at my computer lol!!! 🙂

    • Don’t you wish we could all go back? I had so much fun meeting you! XOXO