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Individually Made

Sheri has a story of beauty and hope. She has endured a lot of heartache, but with God’s love and peace, she has chosen to look forward in hope and confidence, and not let comparison hinder a joy-filled life.

The comparison trap has most frequently come up in my life when I am dreaming of pursuing my art or when I am trying to feel like I belong at my church.

For me it’s knowing that each of us were given our gifts and talents from God for a unique purpose. We don’t all have the same circle of people we know and follow and so each of us is individually made to shine His light into certain others. Additionally, He has made us to build His kingdom, not tear it down. If I start looking at the pieces and parts someone else is building and I feel my portion is inadequate or ‘not good enough,’ then I’m missing out on being part of something truly amazing.

Even more so, if I spend too much time focusing on what someone else is doing and criticizing and critiquing it, then I’m tearing down the very walls that are meant to be built up. Sometimes it’s easy to look at others who have a greater following and think that there’s a fine line between building for personal gain versus Kingdom gain, but I have to trust that the God who judges not on outward appearances, but on the heart, knows and sees each individual and will discipline and grow us as He sees fit, and not how I see fit.

Remembering these truths is comforting and takes the strain off my heart and puts these perspectives back into God’s hands. Then I can move forward with the gifts He gave me, running my race and not someone else’s.

When I find I am struggling with comparing myself, it’s usually with specific people. In the online world, I’ve unfollowed people I love, just so that my heart can focus on what God has given me and where I’m at. You have to do what’s best for your heart, and trust God with the rest!

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I'm Ali. I write about my journey of living a full and healthy life with food allergies, overcoming the comparison trap, and cultivating authenticity.

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