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Know Your Assignment

Be present.

Give it your all. 

Love unconditionally.

Serve wholeheartedly.

These are the things God has been telling me lately about the season I find myself in. On the uneventful, mundane days, and the busy, stressful ones, He’s there for me. And with me. Cheering me on in my own story. 

Michelle Myers–one of the most disciplined, enthusiastic, driven women–is in tune with her God-given assignments. She earnestly embraces her calling, using her passions to make this world a better place. How does she overcome the comparison trap?

Notice when Paul wrote to Timothy, he didn’t say, “I have fought the good fight. I have won the race. I have kept the faith.” He simply said he finished the race. The Christian life is a race, but God isn’t asking us to compete against one another. He’s simply asking us to complete the assignment He has given us. I can’t run my race if I keep trying to creep into someone else’s lane or take my eyes off the finish line, which is Jesus. The good news is–we can celebrate one another as we run. We can high-five. We can pick someone else up. We can cheer when others pick up their pace to a sprint. There’s not only one winner with Christ. The only one who loses is the one who misses their assignment.  – Michelle Myers

What assignment(s) is God giving you in your current season?

Ask Him to equip you to complete it. 

Keep your eyes on the finish line. 

Love, Ali

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