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Magnify the Good

I don’t know about you, but I am an expert at magnifying the bad things in my life. I struggle with this thing called anxiety. And I have a hunch I’m not the only one. Anxiety has the ability to take over my mind, and zoom in on the endless “what ifs?” and “I give ups.” When I’m stuck in the comparison trap, my anxiety goes from bad to really bad, and I spiral into self-destructive thoughts.

She has her life together, and I am a mess. 

I’ll never change. 

Why did God make him that way?

I wish I could be more _____ like her. 

The list goes on.

I’ve noticed that there are friends and family members in my life who support me as I work through my anxiety. They help me see how far I’ve come, and encourage me to keep on keeping on. They remind me that I am living a unique story, one that no on else can live.

And then there are others who lack empathy (not intentionally, of course), and say things like: “At least you’re not _____.” or “At least _____ didn’t happen to you.” In other words, they encourage me to compare my anxious life to someone else.

These women remind me to magnify the good.

The best way for me to avoid comparison is to put a magnifying glass over the good things God is doing in my life. When I look at the good things God is doing, I get inspired to see what I can do with what I currently have in order to turn good into great! At the core, this practice forces me to cultivate gratitude in my spirit.  – Danielle LaTouche

Surround yourself with women who cheer for you when you succeed, not tear you down. – Allison Hardy

I try my best to remember that God made me “Me” for a reason. He gave me my personality and unique gifts to serve His purposes for my life, and it’s okay if I don’t look, act, or live like someone else I admire, because I’m not supposed to! I’m meant to use my life and my influence in a very specific way that God has planned, and I just have to keep those thoughts in mind when I begin to wish to be something I’m not. – Molly Wantland

Let’s be the kind of people who cheer one another on, and call out the good in each other. Let’s magnify the good that God is doing in our own life, and in our people’s lives. Who’s with me?

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