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My Journey, Part 2

I shared a little bit about my journey of chasing perfection yesterday. Knowing what I know about being a type one, it’s easy for me to look back and see all of the type one tendencies throughout my life. The Enneagram has helped open my eyes to see the reasons why I act, think, and feel the way I do. Here is a little more about me…

In The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective, Richard Rohr writes:

Among the lifetime task of ones is to learn occasionally to ignore duty, order, and the improvement of the world, and instead to play, celebrate, and enjoy life.

At work, it is difficult for me to leave until everything is “just right.” It’s also hard for me to make mistakes. And, I like to have a system for everything. (I teach first grade, and structure is everything!)

At home, it’s hard for me to relax because I always see something that could be better. Dust, dishes, or laundry. (Ask my husband!) 

As a wife, teacher, daughter, and friend, I am often disappointed in myself. My constant internal critic tells me that I can always be better and do better.

I’m slowly learning to loosen my grip on perfectionism, and to embrace messiness, mistakes, and growth.

This is part of a 31-day series: The Enneagram. To read all posts, head here.

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  • Tara Ulrich

    I have a few of these tendencies myself!