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My Journey, Part 4

The Enneagram reminds us that we are fluid and ever-evolving. It is helping me identify where I move in stress and health. Ones move to a Four in stress, which means that the internal critic and shame are hard at work, even more than usual. In health, Ones move to a Seven, and have less black-and-white thinking–more open to the gray areas. They are optimistic about life and see beauty all around.

I can definitely attest to both the stress and health points. I’ve shared this a lot online, but I’ve struggled with comparison for much of my life. It makes sense: I was in stress, and allowed the voices of shame and self-defeat to win. When I am in a healthy place, I am open to the beauty in my surroundings, however small they may be, as well as the beauty in my people. I feel grateful for the gift of life, and I feel less tempted to compare or compete. I am also better able to embrace change in routine and be open to others’ ways of doing things.

It’s easy to dwell on the icky and uncomfortable components of our number (we all have them, and they can be helpful in identifying our type at the beginning), but there is beauty and strength in our numbers, too. At a healthy place, we all have so much to contribute to this world. I am learning to see the beauty and gift in being a One. I am learning that there is beauty in the imperfection of life. There is purpose in the painful lessons we learn. We grow stronger, more healthy and whole, and more capable of love.

It’s a beautiful journey that is worth it.

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