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My Prayer for All Women

This week I will finish supervising my third consecutive student teacher. Over the last three years, I’ve gotten to know several 22-year olds, and I’ve been thinking a lot about this generation of women. And I’ve been thinking about my role in their lives. I find myself praying for the next generation of women. Crying out on their behalf. Because I was in their shoes, not very long ago, and I want the best for them.

I’ve also been thinking about the women who have lived more life than me. The mothers and grandmothers of today. I find myself praying for them, and wanting for them to believe the truth that they have done well–that they have stewarded this life well, and that we 20-30 somethings are grateful for the work they’ve invested in us.

In the middle of the younger generation and older generation, here I am. And I’m praying the same things for myself and my friends.

My prayer for all women is this…

I pray that we could be women who love ourselves, just as we are. On the bad days, the ugly, the mundane, and the good ones. I pray that we would love our unique personalities, our bodies, our style, and our talents and abilities. I pray that we could let go of the fear of what others think about us. I pray that we could live fearlessly and with abandon. I pray that we could be women who believe in ourselves. Women who dare to chase after our dreams.

I pray that we could be women who embrace differentness. That we could value each other, and see the best in everyone. Cheering one another on, instead of judging, comparing, and competing.

I pray that we would stop listening to the messages of this world. The messages that say beauty is only on the outside. And being busy is the only way to be successful. That if you don’t look, or act, or live like _____, you’re not worthy. 

I pray that we could be women who stop dwelling on our past. That we could fully forgive–ourselves, and others. I pray that we could look forward in confidence and hope.

I pray that we will see beauty in everything and in everyone, most importantly–when we look in the mirror.

I will not stop praying for all women, because I believe we need each other. When it feels easier to be alone, and to withdraw, I pray that we draw close to each other instead: sharing more honesty and vulnerability, and less judgment; encouraging more, and comparing less; loving more, and fearing less.

Will you join me?

Love, Ali


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  • This is so beautiful, Ali! You perfectly wrote what I think we all wish for ourselves. Thank you <3

  • Ali Wren

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Molly! XO