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Overcoming the Comparison Trap

There is something wrong with me, I used to think. Constantly comparing myself to everyone else–friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers on the internet, I was stuck in a trap.

The comparison trap.

Appearance, talents, status, possessions, relationships, money. You name it.

I never measured up, always fell short, felt worthless, and wanted to be someone different.

There were so many areas of comparison in my life, and not enough room for freedom to embrace the person I was created to be, and the life I was meant to live.

To you who is feeling insecure today, and that woman you follow on Instagram just posted a picture showcasing the perfect life yet again.

To you who just took another negative pregnancy test, and one more friend on facebook just announced she’s expecting.

To you who feels stuck and trapped in a job she can’t stomach one more day, while your husband just landed his dream job.

To you who feels alone, praying for Mr. Right, as you stand up in another college roommate’s wedding.

To you who is striving, wondering why everyone around you seems to be thriving.

To you who is hustling, praying for a miracle to happen in your business, and all around you people are flaunting their success.

To you who is having a bad mom day, and that stranger at Target (who looks so put together) strolls along with her three angelic kids.

To you whose marriage feels like it’s falling apart, and you just gagged reading someone’s sappy marriage blog post.


This journey is for you. Whatever situation you find yourself in today, you are not alone. The comparison trap has a way of finding its way into our hearts when we are at our weakest.

Let’s overcome the comparison trap.

Let’s Live authentically.

Cultivate gratitude.

Celebrate others.

Know our assignment.

Believe the best about ourselves.

See the best in others.

Love who we are.

Seize our seasons.

Live our own story.

This is a manifesto to overcoming the comparison trap. Honest moments in my journey, and in other women’s journeys, of how overcoming comparison can lead us to a wholehearted life.

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  • Can’t wait to read along, Ali!

  • I can’t wait to keep reading this month. I struggling with multiple examples you’ve given. I have been struggling with comparsion hard core and notice my attitude has been cruddy lately.

    • I hope this encourages you, sweet Jessa! XO

  • I love this topic! I’m excited to follow along this month (and I had dinner with you in a group at Punch burger at the Influence Conf)

    • Hi Andrea! Thanks for stopping by… I hope it encourages you! XO

  • Yes to everything. Looking forward to more of this!

    • Awesome, thank you! Can’t wait to read yours too, Ali!