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Sharpen Each Other

Laura Arbo is a wife and explorer who lives life with such adventure and beauty. Even though I’ve only met her one time, I feel like she’s my friend. Laura shares her life in a fun way online (I love her Instagram stories), and she makes you feel like you’re spending time together at a coffee shop.

Less than a year ago, Laura and her hubby Matt moved to Portland. They have been starting their life together in a new city, and have built new community. I asked her what authentic friendship looks like in this exciting season in a new city.

For me, in this season, I seek out friendships that give me life & that inspire me to be better; a better Christ seeker, wife, friend, dreamer, creative, etc. I want to leave feeling like we’ve sharpened each other, even when it’s hard. I also want to laugh a lot.

I, too, want friendships that look like sharpening each other, and like Laura said, even when it’s hard. Who are the friends who inspire you and make you better at being you? Hold onto those friends for dear life!

Love, Ali xo

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