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You Are Enough


Lisa Leonard‘s thoughts on overcoming the comparison trap are quite simple: be yourself.

I avoid the comparison trap by telling myself that the best thing I can be is ME. I’m imperfect, talented and have love to give. Being me, just as I am, is enough. – Lisa Leonard

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time always liking the person I am. I often find myself asking God: Why did you make me like this? (anxious, high-strung, tightly-wound, people-pleasing, emotional, to name a few) It helps to remember that we are all imperfect, like Lisa reminds us, and that even still, we are enough.

You are enough–just as you are.

I am enough–just as I am.

Do you believe that truth? That you are enough, and the best thing you can offer this world is yourself?

You have love to give, and a story to live. One that no one besides you can.

You are enough.

Just as you are.

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