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Easy Chicken Taco Soup

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. Whether you’re looking for a tasty new soup to try, are on Whole30, or eat gluten-free, grain-free, and/or dairy-free, this soup is for you! I love creating simple and delicious recipes, and this soup is so easy. I was in the […]

Summer Spritzer

With a combination of fresh strawberries, kiwi, lime, and mint, this refreshing drink is a summer weeknight go-to at the Wren home. (Good for the nights you don’t want to drink your calories, too!) Super simple and super tasty! This recipe makes two 16-oz. drinks. Ingredients:  1/2 cup sliced strawberries 2 sliced kiwis 3 lime slices […]

Single Serving Spinach Tomato Frittata

I’ve been doing a Whole30 reset this week, and I get pretty tired of scrambled eggs in the morning. So I decided to try a single-serving frittata in a ramekin with whatever I had in my fridge, which happened to be spinach, tomatoes, and chicken sausage. Voila! This was so easy to make, and delicious! […]

Slow Roasted Tomatoes

Adam introduced slow-roasted tomatoes to me last summer, and I was hooked. They are now one of our go-to snacks–worth the many hour wait in the oven. (I did my second Whole30 in January, and am doing a 3 to 5 day reset right now. You can follow along on Instagram if you’d like to […]

Egg Muffins

These egg muffins have been a hit in our home. I’m on my second round of Whole30 (follow along on Instagram!), and Adam is eating as much of what I make as he can. I baked up 2 dozen, and froze half so I was ready for the following week! Ingredients:  16-18 eggs (I started […]

Chia Pudding

I’m on my second round of Whole30* (follow @whole30ali on Instagram for daily meals), and I’ve been eating the same thing for early-morning breakfasts: a whole30-compliant Larabar and hard-boiled egg, egg muffin, or RX bar. I wanted to add something else to the rotation, so I experimented with chia pudding. And it was a nice […]

Strawberry Basil Salsa

Fresh strawberries. Pineapple. Mango. Basil. Lime. Tortilla Chips. Grilled chicken. Avodaco. Spinach… The flavors of summer. (Is your mouth watering yet?) This sweet strawberry salsa recipe was inspired by a spicy strawberry salsa at Whole Foods. Its sweet flavor combines great with something salty. I have a feeling that you won’t be disappointed with this recipe! […]

Artie’s Paleo on the Go!

The dirty little secret of eating clean, paleo, gluten-free, whole30, etc. is something not enough people talk about: food prep. That is to say, the hours upon hours of messy kitchens and meticulous food prep that go into preparing a meal. At the most inconvenient times, nonetheless. Often, the times you are most tempted to […]

5 Take-Aways from Whole30 Before 30

So, whole30 before 30 is complete! I feel pretty proud of myself for sticking with this incredible way of eating and living for 30 days. Here are my five main tips and take-aways for a successful whole30: 1. Know your why. I think this is the most important step before you decide to embark on this […]

Whole30 Before 30 Week 3

So I can’t believe how fast time is flying by on this 30-day journey. Here are some things I’m learning, now that I’m on the final stretch of whole30: – I have been recycling the same recipes for my meals because it’s easy and I think I’ve landed on what works for me. And I’m […]