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Overcoming the Comparison Trap: A Manifesto

For the entire month of October, I’ve been writing about overcoming the comparison trap. A few years ago, I noticed that competition and comparison were keeping me from living a whole and heathy life of authenticity and purpose.

This summer, I went on a quest to ask women in all walks of life how they overcome the comparison trap. I’m so grateful for the wise and encouraging words from all of these incredible women–women I’ve met online and offline. Thank you all for your generosity and for taking the time to share your wisdom.

I hope you feel inspired to live your life with authenticity, purpose, and confidence.

Let’s overcome the comparison trap. Let’s encourage celebration and connection. Here are five of my favorite take-aways from this series about overcoming comparison:

Live authentically.

When I get down to the heart of it, I want my life and work to be authentic to me, not beautiful so-and-so who is driving along beside me. – Hayley Morgan

Cultivate gratitude.

Comparison is the result of not feeling confident where we have been placed, what we have been called to and how we have been gifted. – Ashlee Proffitt

Celebrate others.

Kindness silences competition and promotes collaboration. – Crystal Stine

Seize your season. 

There’s a beautiful story unfolding right in my midst, and I’ll miss it if I’m watching everyone else. – Jacey Verdicchio

Live your own story.

We almost never have the full story, and I cannot compare any aspect of my life to someone else’s. In the same way that every detail of my life is not on Instagram, neither is everyone else’s.  – Allie Seidel 

Thank you for joining me on this journey. (This is part of a series from To see all posts in this series, click here.)

Love, Ali xo

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  • Hey Alison! This topic has been on my heart as well! Heavy on my heart!!!! I felt led to create a free course and a paid course on the subject as well. It was my first one! These were amazing quotes thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading, Dija! XO