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Q & A with caveman food truck

The food truck industry has been on the rise for quite a few years, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Mobile restaurants offering cajun, southern comfort, BBQ, tacos, and caribbean cuisine, to name a few–what’s not to like? But how many food trucks offer allergy-free options?

In my experience, no food truck offers allergy-friendly menu items like Caveman Truck, one of the nations’s first paleo food truck concepts. I enjoy a gluten-free, dairy-free food life, and this food truck offers so many healthy, local, organic options. A few of my personal favorites include: sweet potato fries, almond date cocoa truffles, and sweet potato bacon hash.

My husband and I first found Caveman Truck in the spring of 2013. The slogan “bacon > gluten” intrigued me, so I went up to ask the owner/chef (Shelby) to tell me about his food truck. I learned more about food in those five minutes of hearing his story, than I had learned by reading food books upon food books.

I asked Shelby to share some of his food journey on the blog. Enjoy!

Tell me about your food journey. How long have you been eating the paleo way, and how did you decide to change your way of eating?

I’ve been using paleo as my dietary template since Jan 2012. I initially decided to do it for a New Years weight loss competition between friends. I knew another guy in the competition had lost a great deal of weight with paleo previously, and wanted to be sure I could compete with him.

I found Robb Wolf’s podcast which was around episode 100 at the time and listened. Something really struck me and I went back and downloaded all previous episodes and began listening.

It made more sense than any dietary advice I had ever heard, and the weight fell off of me. I lost 21 lbs in 11 days and about 50 total in 11 weeks.

What makes your food truck set apart from others? 

I started the truck because I saw a lack healthy options available.

I have always enjoyed preparing food and dreamed of being a chef/owning a restaurant. Since foodtrucks in general were becoming so popular around Indy and I had a longtime passion for cooking and a newfound one for paleo, it just made sense.

What do you want customers to know about you? 

We are more than just a lunch truck! We can also deliver refrigerated meals and cater to groups/events. We can also do custom meals for special needs and offer consulting for people that need one on one help with their food.

I am familiar with many varieties of GAPS/ autoimmune / fodmap / WAPF / keto / diets, etc. If someone has needs that our current menus do not meet, we can alter ingredients or make new recipes that they have in mind.

Local Indy friends, you must check him out! His sweet potato bacon hash is to die for. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Even if you don’t eat the paleo way, Shelby offers healthy options to suit your food needs, serving local and organic fruits and vegetables.

Find Caveman Truck’s online store here. Connect with Shelby on twitter, instagram, or facebook, and check out his website for more information about paleo eating.




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