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Seek Joy

“The life you are meant to find will wring your heart to the point of breaking, then douse you buckets of joy when you’re not looking.” –Linford Detwiller

Has your heart ever been wrung to the point of breaking? I know mine has. There have been times I have wanted to give up and give in. Settle. Go through the motions. Disconnect. Lose hope. And stay that way.

There’s this thing called JOY, though, that won’t let me. Joy won’t let me lose hope. It won’t let me give up. Joy offers itself in my weak moments of failure and doubt. Joy offers hope and a better way. Joy wants the best for my life. Joy pursues and shows up in a beautiful way, a way that words cannot even come close to describing.

Today I choose to seek joy. Joy in the midst of discontentment. Joy in the middle of comparison and competition. Joy in the process of growing and changing and discovering my purpose.

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I'm Ali. I write about my journey of living a full and healthy life with food allergies, overcoming the comparison trap, and cultivating authenticity.

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