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Seek to Learn

When I first met Sonja, I sensed that she was quietly confident, a good listener, and stylishly on point. The more I’ve been able to spend time with her, I’ve learned that she is all those things and more. Sonja is gorgeous, she has a beautiful heart, and has faced some unexpected health challenges in her life. (You can read more about her story here.) Despite her health challenges, Sonja inspires me because she remains positive and grateful through it all.

How does she overcome the comparison trap?

It’s easy to look at other women’s lives and think how perfect life would be if I just had her face, body, talent, money, children, family, etc. I have to constantly remind myself that much of life is hard for everyone: hard choices, hard work, hard relationships, discomfort, pain, and doubt. All women I compare to have this in their lives, just like me! Instead of believing the lie of an alternate life, I have to deliberately choose gratitude every day. It’s also key to understand what you admire about people you compare yourself to, and turn it around to determine how you can celebrate those talents or skills in them and use that insight to shape your own personal development. There are so many amazing food photographers, writers, and bloggers I admire who have had a huge influence on my work by seeking to learn from them instead of trying to compare or compete. -Sonja Overhiser

I can so relate to Sonja. As a blogger, I can either seek to learn from the people I admire, or compare myself to–and compete with–them. I love her reminder that “much of life is hard for everyone.” 

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