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The older I get, the closer my friendship with my mom grows. We are more like friends now, even though we will always have our mother-daughter relationship. We “get” each other, and the more I’m with her, the more I see just how much I truly am my mother’s daughter. Sensitive, Starbucks fanatics, willing to tell the story of our lives to a random stranger in line at the grocery store, spending hours at Hallmark, never sick of Michigan Avenue downtown Chicago, lover of a good deal, fixer of everyone’s problems, completely indecisive, must have a clean kitchen, and compassionate–these are just some of the traits we share.

Twinning at a wedding (unplanned).

Twinning at a wedding (unplanned).

Our friendship is a gift that I don’t take for granted. When I can’t see her as often as I wish I could, I remember that what we have is special. I’m honored that she was willing to share her words of wisdom on authentic friendship:

Authentic friendship means someone that you trust with your heart. A true friend accepts you for who you are and loves you no matter what, never judging you. I have been very fortunate to have close friendships. The kind where–if you haven’t seen each other for awhile–you pick up where you left off. In my life, I have been through some good and not so good times, and my authentic friends have been there for me, encouraging me and talking with me on the phone late into the night. My daughter Ali has been my cheerleader with love notes and words of encouragement. For me, the main thing that makes authentic friendship possible is vulnerability with one another.

True friends are there for us when we are going through the good, and the not-so-good, times. No matter what.

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